Weighted Irradiance Data
MLO Langley Irradiance
MLO Irradiance is the irradiance in Watts per (square meter per nonometer) derived using an MLO calibration factor. This factor ia a value produced by applying Langley derived responsivities to the UV or visible MFRSR cosine corrected voltages. The MLO calibrations are Langley calibrations from carefully selected periods of deployment at NOAA’s Mauna Loa Observation site.

Graphs of the data are available for a time selection of two months or less. Also provided, is a feature to export the data to a file on your local computer in several different formats(excel, csv, xml).Keep in mind a year's worth of data is about 25 megabytes, and will take almost 2 minutes to generate.

Valid date range for location Alaska, Fairbanks, AK02 is from Tue Jun 15 20:45:00 GMT+00:00 2010 to Mon Dec 11 16:57:41 GMT+00:00 2017

Location and Time User Inputs
  • Alaska, Fairbanks, AK02
  • California, Davis, CA02
  • Michigan, Pellston, MI02
  • North Dakota, Fargo, ND02
  • Colorado, Lamar, CO42
  • Washington, Pullman, WA02
  • Texas, El Paso, TX52
  • Hawaii, Waimea, Forrest Mims,HI22, HI22
  • Texas, Seguin, TX22
  • California, Holtville, CA22
  • Texas, Seguin, TX21
  • Hawaii, Waimea, Forrest Mims,HI21, HI21
  • Vermont, Burlington, VT02
  • New Mexico, Las Cruces, NM02
  • Maine, Presque Isle, ME12
  • Utah, Logan, UT02
  • Nebraska, Mead, NE02
  • New York, Geneva, NY02
  • Florida, Homestead, FL02
  • Maryland, Queenstown, MD02
  • Illinois, Bondville, IL02
  • North Carolina, Raleigh, NC02
  • Texas, Seguin, vis LED unit, TX31
  • Hawaii, Waimea, Forrest Mims,HI31, HI31
  • Arizona, Flagstaff, AZ02
  • Minnesota, Grand Rapids, MN02
  • Mississippi, Starkville, MS02
  • Georgia, Griffin, GA02
  • Maryland, Beltsville, MD12
  • Colorado, Steamboat Springs, CO12
  • Ontario, Toronto, ON02
  • Texas, Panther Junction, Castolon site end 12-2014, TX02
  • Oklahoma, Billings, OK02
  • Wisconsin, Dancy, WI02
  • Hawaii, Waimea, Mauna Loa, HI02
  • Louisiana, Baton Rouge, LA02
  • New Zealand, Alexandra, NZ02
  • Texas, Houston, TX42
  • Indiana, West Lafayette, IN02
  • Montana, Poplar, MT02
  • Texas, Panther Junction, K-Bar site opened 12-2014, TX62
  • Maine, Presque Isle, ME11
  • Mississippi, Starkville, MS01