UV Irradiance Estimator

The UVMRP UV irradiance estimator provides values of the daily sum and daily maximum values of spectral irradiance at 300, 305, 311, 317, 325, 332 and 368 nm. Also available are the daily sum and daily maximum erythemal and Caldwell biologically weighted spectral irradiances and the UV index. All values may be obtained for user selected locations within the continental US for any date and time from 1997 through 2005 for clear sky conditions. The estimate is produced from the Tropospheric UV model (TUV) using data assimilated from NASA TOMS/OMI and MODIS satellites and NCEP NARR surface datasets. The model calculations have been compared to the USDA UVMRP data for quality assurance.

Users should select the date first. Then move the red marker to any location in the mainland United States to get the values for that date.

Latitude: 39.855Longitude: -96.224Maximum UV Index: 1.9

Daily Values
Maximum 300 nm 0.0 Watts/(m2nm)
Maximum 305 nm 0.008 Watts/(m2nm)
Maximum 311 nm 0.047 Watts/(m2nm)
Maximum 317 nm 0.116 Watts/(m2nm)
Maximum 325 nm 0.185 Watts/(m2nm)
Maximum 332 nm 0.25 Watts/(m2nm)
Maximum 368 nm 0.339 Watts/(m2nm)
Maximum Erythemal 0.048 Watts/m2
Maximum Caldwell 0.349 Watts/m2
Sum 300 nm 0.0 Joules/(m2nm)
Sum 305 nm 115.6 Joules/(m2nm)
Sum 311 nm 760.7 Joules/(m2nm)
Sum 317 nm 2082.1 Joules/(m2nm)
Sum 325 nm 3613.1 Joules/(m2nm)
Sum 332 nm 5118.7 Joules/(m2nm)
Sum 368 nm 7034.5 Joules/(m2nm)
Sum Erythemal 823.9 Joules/m2
Sum Caldwell 6895.1 Joules/m2